How Does Pruning Impact Long-Tailed Multi-Label Medical Image Classifiers?

MICCAI 2023 An investigation of pruning's impact on long-tailed, multi-label medical image classifiers.

Improved Multimodal Fusion for Small Datasets with Auxiliary Supervision

IEEE ISBI 2023 Parameter-efficient multimodal learning of histopathology imaging and clinical risk factors for improved prostate cancer classification.

Long-Tailed Classification of Thorax Diseases on Chest X-Ray: A New Benchmark Study

MICCAI Workshop on Data Augmentation, Labelling, and Imperfections 2022 [Oral] A large-scale benchmark for long-tailed learning of chest X-rays.

Avalanche decision schemes to improve pediatric rib fracture detection

SPIE Medical Imaging 2022 Domain knowledge-guided method for improved rib fracture localization.

End-to-End Learning of Fused Image and Non-Image Features for Improved Breast Cancer Classification from MRI

CVAMD 2021 (ICCV Workshop) Methods for jointly learning from breast imaging and tabular non-image data to predict breast cancer.

Deep learning methods for segmentation of lines in pediatric chest radiographs

SPIE Medical Imaging 2020 Segmentation methods for localizing "lines" (catheters, tubes, etc.) in pediatric chest radiographs.

Multi-class semantic segmentation of pediatric chest radiographs

SPIE Medical Imaging 2020 [Oral] Automatic anatomic segmentation of pediatric chest radiographs under severe class imbalance.